Carrera RC Offroad
Off-road vehicle remotely controlled
Discover the unlimited driving pleasure
RC all-terrain vehicles over sticks and stones
bis zu 20 km/hbis zu 20 km/h
33,5 cm33,5 cm
The radio-controlled RC cars bring lots of fun and action in the terrain - uneven paths are no obstacle here! Available in two frequencies and equipped with pneumatic tyres, full-suspension chassis and bodywork made of special plastic. the necessary stability for the remote-controlled cars is ensured.

Just by steering, you can enjoy RC car driving to the max. All 2.4 GHz Servo Tronic RC cars have splash protection and offer absolute driving pleasure through multi-stage steering and driving function. 

With the Extra Portion Speed, explore uneven paths, drive over stones and cross unwelcome obstacles and experience unique journeys with your Ford Raptor, Jeep or VW Beetle.

Take full control on the toughest terrain!

Our range of remote controlled offroad vehicles includes Profi RC models for experienced drivers as well as cars aimed at beginners. discover our range

The world of the Carrera RC Offroader

Simply select your favourite design of off-road vehicle in the preferred scale. From the large models in scale 1:14 up to the smaller cars in 1:18, the Offroader impresses in any size. Discover now

RC offroader advantages

Front and brake lights are among the basic facilities of an RC car as are air tyres and a full-suspension chassis. At maximum speeds of up to 20 km/h, the differential gearbox provides optimum grip. They also impress with their unmistakable RC design.

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Fast, faster, Carrera: Discover now for the remote-controlled car, quadrocopter, helicopter or boat for you!