Payment methods

The prices are specified in euros (€) in the Carrera toys online store, include the legal
VAT and do not include shipping costs.
All payments are securely handled using the payment system provider Wirecard CEE. SSL encryption is of course used for the data transfer.
We offer the following secure payment options for paying your order total: 



When shopping online, simply pay as usual using your online banking data - with maximum security via PIN and TAN. Thanks to a real-time transaction confirmation to the shop, your order can be shipped quickly.

Payment Method only available in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slowakia, the Netherlands and UK.    (More information about this is available at

Credit Card

  • (More information about this is available at /
    Please consider your personal credit card limit.


  • (More information about this is available at /

Purchase on account

(More information about this is available at

Please consider the following points with this payment type:
  • Your delivery address and invoice address must be identical
  • Terms of payment: Immediately after receipt of invoice
  • Only possible from 18 years of age
  • The order value (excl. shipping costs) must be at € 10 and no more than € 600.
  • If you chose “Purchase on account” as the payment method and an error message appears before the transaction is completed, please select another payment type.
  • You can only have two open invoices if you choose the “Purchase on account” payment function. If you haven’t received or paid for your orders, you cannot make a third “Purchase on account” order.
  • If you return an item from an order within a short period of time and you still haven’t received the credit (we will inform you about this via email), no other orders can be made using “Purchase on account”.
  • Please consider that you also need to register returns in your payolution customer account:
  • You will find instructions for registering the return in the payolution customer account here: Return PDF download
Payment method only available in Austria and Germany.


Your payment method will be charged upon completion of your order.
Please consider that we cannot accept any orders via email or phone!

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