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All new products for Racing Tracks

He who seeks at Carrera will find at Carrera: From Audi and BMW to Lamborghini and Disney•Pixar cars: New slot car products from the entire range can be ordered online directly from the manufacturer. 
There are no limits to the themes: US cars, GT cars, modern sports cars and many more fulfil the motorsport spectrum. So “checking out” the site each day is definitely worth it. 

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The latest RC vehicles, helicopters, quadrocopters and boats from this year
Looking for the newest of the new from Carrera RC? Then this page with our new products should be particularly interesting! As this is where you will find all the latest RC models: Trucks, helicopters, ships and quadrocopters with video function are just a few of the items from this year’s product range. Always up to date with Carrera and its remote-controlled models!