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Carrera Race App - Your Carrera Race Management Digital!

Carrera Race App

You can now connect your Carrera DIGITAL 124 or DIGITAL 132 race track system to your smart phone or tablet. With the new Carrera Race App for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, Carrera unites legendary racing fun with the latest smart technology and provides the racing experience of the future! Just download the Carrera Race App, connect the Bluetooth adapter to the control unit of the Carrera race circuit and you are ready to enjoy racing fun 2.0!

If you want to get directly into a race, select "Quick-start race" and start straight away with preset race conditions, e.g. the number of laps. Speed, fuel level and braking force can be controlled directly via the race monitor. Set up your individual driver profile with photo and your own profile name and use the Carrera Race App to follow all relevant information on the race progress of the drivers taking part.

Do you want to experience your own, personal motor sport weekend? Select your car racing championship. As in a real-life racing weekend, you go through training, define your position on the starting grid through qualifying and then take part in an exciting race with your friends. Decide between fixed time and fixed laps racing – your results are automatically saved and you can view them at any time in the race history.

At the close of each race, the best times can be shared directly via the app (e.g. on Facebook) with your friends - the competition for the best lap time is opened!

The Carrera Race App is already available to Download free of charge from the Apple App Store and can be found on Google Play.

Carrera AppConnect

Carrera AppConnect

  • App Connect – Connection between your DIGITAL race track and smartphone/tablet
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