Welcome to the world of Carrera RC

Buggies, offroaders, onroaders, drones, quadrocopters and boats - Carrera offers a whole range of remote-controlled models. The RC products convince mainly due to their long runtime, individual design and high quality. Tuning batteries and chargers on the side of the respective model provide for even more driving fun.


Ready to Run

  • Ready to run is all about driving fun from the very first second. A car, controls, battery and depending on the model, a high performance power pack and a charger - all in one set. 


  • The unique combination of Carrera RC high performance power pack and a high-power engine facilititates top speed.

Long running time with power battery

  • The high performance power pack is the 'heart' of every Carrera RC product, providing complete power transmission to the engine and guaranteeing long running times.

Quick recharging with turbo charger

  • The rapid charger is able to charge power packs very quickly. 

Full-Spring suspension

  • For maximum driving fun.

Differential Gears

  • Regardless of which gear you are in - the Carrera RC differential gear system is optimised to serve every motor.

Special plastic Bodywork

  • As stable as ABS + many precise details.

Pneumatic tyres

  • These features join the full suspension chassis for a realistic driving sensation.

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