Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé "Polizei"

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    Product description
  • Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé Police Car
  • DIGITAL 143
  • With blue lights
  • Scale 1:43
  • From 6 years

  • Top-class technology and sporty design
    The Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé is powered by a 476 bhp V8 engine and shows what acceleration really means: In just 4 seconds, it launches from 0 to 62 mph! The perfect basic requirement for fast sprints on the road and the pursuit of racers or a rapid drive to the scene of action. Following the SLS AMG, the AMG GT is the second vehicle to be developed independently by AMG

    Full throttle on the chase
    Gangsters and crooks have no chance against the Mercedes. The slot car on a scale of 1:43 sets the pace on your home Carrera race track and won't let criminals get away. Thanks to the original Mercedes license, the racing car has been faithfully crafted and can show the criminals with its blue flashing lights that it is right on their tails. The Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé police car has been reproduced in detail from the original. Get behind the wheel, take the WIRELESS Controller in your hand thanks to digital technology and take up the pursuit with the lightning-fast police car!
      With lights
      10.6 x 4.63 x 3.5 cm
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has CEce
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GO Plus
Digital 143
Spare parts
Hyrex/Guide keel