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World Children's Day at Carrera:

Great deals on all FIRST & RC items
With the coupon code you save 10% on all Carrera FIRST & RC items*
Coupon Code: HT6TBY6EW6

On the 20th of September, World Children's Day is just around the corner!


We would like to take this opportunity to make you happy on this special occasion. From September 13th to September 20th, there will be an exclusive coupon code that gives you 10% off all Carrera FIRST & RC products*. 


Use the code

HT6TBY6EW6 on your order to get the World Children's Day discount.  It doesn't matter if it's regular or discounted items, the code is generally valid for all products of the World Children's Day promotion! 



*Excluded from the promotion are FIRST & RC spare parts

Carrera FIRST
The Carrera

FIRST series offers the perfect introduction to the world of Carrera for all young racing drivers who want to bring their talent to the track. From the age of 3, children can experience the fascination of car racing in a playful way - with their favorite characters from Mario, Cars, PAW Patrol and many more. 


The tracks are specially designed to offer children an exciting and varied racing experience. There's plenty of action on the track, thanks to bottlenecks, flip elements, lights, sound and music. In addition, the racetracks not only promote motor skills and hand-eye coordination, but also allow children to use their creativity and imagination. 

Exclusive FIRST products
Carrera RC

Are you a fan of everything that can be driven or flown remotely? Then Carrera RC is just your world! The RC series includes buggies, helicopters, quadcopters, monster trucks, turnators and many more. Each vehicle is characterized by a detailed design and has a robust housing to guarantee plenty of action and driving pleasure. Licenses from Nintendo, Red Bull and many more. provide a lot of cool designs.


The RC vehicles and helicopters are equipped with state-of-the-art remote control technology that allows for precise and responsive control. In addition, all RC products are "Ready to Run", i.e. you can start right out of the box and don't have to wait for the battery to be charged.

Whether on land, in the air or on the water: Top speed values of up to 60 km/h ensure an absolute eagle kick with the various models! Thanks to the long runtime with the Power Battery, you can race around endlessly.


With the Carrera RC series you can live out your passion for remote-controlled vehicles to the fullest. 

Exclusive Carrera RC products