Carrera GO!!! PLUS
The extra portion of action: Carrera GO!!! with Carrera GO!!! Plus receives a forward-thinking system extension for even more playing fun and action on the racetrack.
Even more fun & excitement on the racetrack
Carrera GO!!! Plus guarantees even more action on the racetrack in the usual scale of 1:43. The innovative connection track with an integrated speaker and Bluetooth chip is one of the product's highlights and creates the connection for games of skill in your own Carrera GO!! Plus app.
Up to 2 drivers simultaneouslyUp to 2 drivers simultaneously
From age 6From age 6
Track system in scale 1:43Track system in scale 1:43
Cars in scale 1:43Cars in scale 1:43
At the push of a button turbo speedAt the push of a button turbo speed
Action AccessoriesAction Accessories
Cars with lights (model dependent)Cars with lights (model dependent)
GO!!! Plus AppGO!!! Plus App
Pit Stop GamePit Stop Game
Race ModesRace Modes
Ghost CarGhost Car
But even without the app connected, the PitStop game (not included in each set) provides variety: whether engine failure, refuelling or a tyre change – young racing drivers need to handle the tasks in the pit stop as soon as possible in order to get the car back on the road quickly.


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GO!!! Plus Sets

The rapid entry into the forward-thinking system expansion for even more fun is possible with the brand-new sets including a connection track and selected race cars. Discover now

PitStop game

The PitStop game track makes racing on the Carrera GO!!! Plus car racing track even more spectacular. Whether an engine service, refuelling or a tyre change, the pilots need to perform the tasks as quickly as possible in order to get the car on the road to continue the race. This turns every race into a unique experience. The playing fun is further enhanced by a designated holding area on the Carrera PitStop game track because anyone who doesn’t apply the brake precisely will have to take a time-consuming penalty loop.
A real racing atmosphere is created thanks to the built-in speaker on the connection track in the children’s room. During the race, authentic engine and race sounds ring out – this way you can instantly transform your own four walls into Hockenheim or the Spielberg track! Additional loudspeakers can also be easily connected simply for a greater racing atmosphere.

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