Even the small family members experience Carrera fun:
Thanks to the ergonomically adapted manual controllers for children hands
and the easy racetrack’s construction, children can also enjoy this fun.

Driving fun for the youngest generation

The brand-new product line has been specially designed for children from 3 years of age and is the ideal toy for the smallest drivers at pre-school age. Adapted to the needs of the youngest Carrera drivers, FIRST offers:

  • Fast-paced action thanks to top licenses with Mickey and Nintendo Mario Kart
  • Great decorative elements for an extra dose of fun in the children’s room
  • Long playing time and ideal for when going away thanks to the battery-powered racetracks
  • Easiest handling
  • Entertainment for the whole family

Racing track sets for children

Early playing-fun guaranteed: Rapid entry into the world of motorsport is even possible at pre-school age thanks to these complete sets. Discover now
The first racing track for children over 3 years of age
Welcome to the Carrera family! ​Children at pre-school age can now also grab the controls and speed around the child-friendly racing track and play with their favourite heroes from television and comics.
From age 3From age 3
Kiddy coloredKiddy colored
Child friendly controllerChild friendly controller
Easy to playEasy to play
Battery operated - Requires 4pc of C batteriesBattery operated - Requires 4pc of C batteries
Long playing time - up to 6 hoursLong playing time - up to 6 hours
Theme-specific decorative elementsTheme-specific decorative elements
Absolute fun for the little ones: The easy-clip supports for the FIRST racing tracks allow for simple and, above all, stable assembly and disassembly of the children’s racetrack – perfect for when going away too. The whole racetrack system from this series is battery operated and guarantees long-lasting driving pleasure for up to 6 hours during continuous operation. The 4 C batteries are not included in any set and can be bought from commercial shops.

More than a game- Carrera FIRST

Get started with Mickey and Donald or would you rather speed around the blue track with Mario and Yoshi? No matter which racing theme you choose – exciting hours are guaranteed in the children’s room with the rapid Carrera FIRST sets. Blue tracks and up to 3.5 metres provide real driving pleasure for the children. As accessories, each set offers matching decorative elements for the theme in order to bring Super Mario Kart, Star Wars, Mickey Mouse and all the other cars even closer to the action. The FIRST packages are ideal as a starter set and can be played with straightaway thanks to the tracks, manual controllers and vehicles.


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