Mario vs. Luigi on land and in the air
Carrera & Nintendo Mario Kart™
Probably the most famous plumbers in the digital world are ready in their Karts, waiting to cruise along the racetrack, road and air with their friends.

Complete Mario racetrack sets & remote-controlled models

From Slotcars to the Party Set with RC Karts: Mario fans will go overboard for the special Nintendo licensed themes !

Super Mario™ cruising along the racetrack

Carrera transfers the fast-paced World of Mario, Luigi & Co. from the virtual game with Nintendo consoles to the car racetrack: be there when the live action begins: "It´s me Mario!" and start with Nintendo Super Mario™ and his friends, racing towards the finish line at top speed. The loveable workmen are back with new racing cars, zooming around the tracks at top speed.
One thing´s for sure: Mario and his friends make the racetrack very special.
But the Carrera track is not the only highlight: the RC department also lets the Super Mario™ crew put its best foot forward! Carrera represents everything from remote-controlled karting to quadrocopters to Flying Cape. 

Mario Kart™ as slotcars

Extend your racetrack with Mario Karts™ by buying individual items. Follow the plan: expand the car range, replace players and take your favourite Kart onto the Carrera GO!!! track to game against friends and family. The team of plumbers can take part in exciting races in their Karts, pushing them to the limit. The edition cars are recreated in detail and are ready at the starting line to drive Mario, Luigi and other characters around the racing circuits at top speed. 
Who´s quickest at getting around the track and finishing first - the best handset user, of course!

Super Mario™ set​

Order, unpack & play at top speed: the complete packs include everything you need to start off on these amazing routes straight away! The starter sets include racing cars, rail materials, handset controls and much more. The special decorative elements for the Mario Kart™ racetrack make the experience even more fun. These racing cars will see a lot of action on the track. Who´s best at controlling the race? Exciting duels are fought out on burning hot tracks.
Even the youngest drivers can drive with Mario, Luigi and other models on Carrera routes. The battery operated racetrack system Carrera FIRST is a complete set, containing a racetrack, handset control and cars designed especially for children from age 3 onwards - perfect for their start into the world of motorsports. The little plumbers are sure to love playing on the sky blue racetrack! 
The RC department offers special Mario model Party Sets: with 2 karts, balloons, flags, pylons and Carrera RC caps included, every party becomes a unique experience. 

Super Mario™ Carrera RC Sky and Sea

Mario Kart™ takes off: in the quadrocopter he can enjoy his flight with a cage protecting the rotors, a 6-axis revolution system and aerial stability. As Flying Cape Mario is kept company in the air by his best friend Yoshi: from now on both of them can fly through the living room and playroom with the rotors fixed to their backs.

Mario Karts™

The bravest plumber of all time is off to race with his friends in new Race Karts - and you can experience it live! You can drive the remote-controlled vehicle indoors or out on the street with plenty of power under the bonnet, and can enjoy the figures' dynamic movement and the special sound functions.

Carrera RC Mario Kart

Carrera RC Mario Kart

Mario™ quads - off-road vehicles

With these off-road vehicles, Mario, Yoshi and Peach can really step on the gas! The full-suspension quads, large tyres and exquisitely detailed figures are irresistible. 
Are you ready for an adventure? Carrera RC Nintendo Mario Karts™ 8 are always Ready to Run towards new adventures at home or outdoors.