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Ferrari & Carrera

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Carrera has the exclusive worldwide Ferrari reproduction license for slot racing 

Ferrari is the epitome of speed, quality and elegance. Whether in GT racing or Formula 1, the Italian automobile manufacturers can thrill drivers and spectators at all levels of motor racing. 
Founded by the former racing driver Enzo Ferrari in 1947, 90% of the company is now owned by Fiat, and since 2013 Ferrari has been putting the pedal to the metal around Carrera circuits, too. Carrera’s exclusive license to reproduce Ferraris for the slot racing market sends out these black stallion branded automobiles on Carrera tracks all around the world. 

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A whole range of Scuderia Ferraris are ready to roll out from the pit lane in various scales for red hot Formula 1 racing, neck-and-neck car chases and thrilling overtaking manoeuvres on Carrera circuits everywhere. In the current assortment, there are many eye-catchers that make your train shine. More information is available on the official website: