Carrera GO!!! Build 'n Race – Play without borders!

Carrera GO!!! Build ’n Race launches with three Sets of different lengths and complexity, and all include a modifiable Race Car and Race Truck with turbo-assist controllers to get you started. “Carrera GO!!! Build 'n Race - Racing Set 3.6” (20062529 - 3.6 metres) is the entry-level figure-of-8 Set including tight bends and long straights to make full use of the turbo function for fast overtaking, there’s even a challenging bottleneck to catch out the unwary. “Carrera GO!!! Build 'n Race - Racing Set 4.9” (20062530 - 4.9 metres) is the intermediate set and adds the awesome looping system into the mix. Now it’s not just about speed and racing technique comes into play too.

Next and completing the line-up is the set with the longest track layout at an incredible 6.2 metres “Carrera GO!!! Build`n Race - Racing Set 6.2” (20062531)! This sprawling layout with extended straights that maximise the race potential of the turbo-assisted vehicles also includes a ski jump for breathtaking stunt action too! However, don’t be fooled into thinking you can just keep the power on max all the time, as a series of tight curves will require braking skill to ensure you’re still on the track for the next blistering straight run! And, with a dedicated “Build ‘n Race Track Expansion Pack” (20071600) launching at the same time as the sets, you can add a further 2 metres of track length to any of them easily, so unlocking the potential of these layouts even more.

Carrera Build 'n Race – Explanatory Video

It's super easy to create your own racing world!

Build 'n Race – Racing Set 6.2

Show off your skills!
Build first, then race! Exciting battles with self-constructed cars from the Carrera GO!!! 'Build 'n' Race - Racing Set 6.2' will always be thrill-packed duels that go down to the wire! Construct and rapidly reconstruct your racing cars and tracks, however you like, also with components made by other manufacturers. Success in your own self-made racetrack world is all down to the handset skills you and your friends possess.

Exactly the race you dreamed of
The lightening-fast blue racer now has red-hot tyres as it waits to duel with the red monster-power super truck. The 6.2-metre Carrera GO!!! racetrack features long, high-speed straights, bends and a jump ramp that take self-built action into new dimensions. The additional turbo button on the controls guarantees even hotter action. These self-built speed machines deliver everything they promise to racing enthusiasts aged 6 years and up.

SKU: 20062531

Build 'n Race – Racing Set 4.9

All wishes granted!
Build your way to victory with the new Carrera GO!!! 'Build 'n' Race - Racing Set 4.9'. It's not just engine power that decides the tense racetrack battles. These racing cars can be built at speed and rebuilt at will. Now you can use other manufacturers' components to construct the race circuit environment of your dreams!

Strength vs. power on the Carrera race circuit
The blue speed machine and giant truck are eagerly waiting for the start signal and ready to burn rubber out on the grid. Car builders aged 6 and up face the tricky challenges of a narrow section, bends, high-speed straights and a thrilling loop around the 4.9-metre racetrack. Build the best car and finish first!

SKU: 20062530

Build 'n Race – Racing Set 3.6

Victory to the best builder!
The new Carrera GO!!! 'Build 'n' Race - Racing Set 3.6' promises drivers unlimited action! The red truck and blue car can be built to suit all preferences before the wild ride begins. The Carrera GO!!! set combines the best of two toys and games worlds: Carrera racetracks and the kit systems of other manufacturers.

Who's the best constructor?
Once the construction phase is over it's foot-to-the-floor and pedal-to-the-metal around the 3.6-metre Carrera GO!!! car racing circuit! Lots of new challenges await drivers aged 6 years and up, like the narrow section, bends and long straights. Skilled builders and control handset heroes can look forward to mounting the top of the podium after all-action bedroom-circuit racing!

SKU: 20062529