Wireless Set Single Digital 132/124

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    Product description
  • Wireless controller 2.4 GHz with battery for Carrera DIGITAL 124/132
  • DIGITAL 124, DIGITAL 132
  • Up to 15 m range
  • Package contents: 1x WIRELESS+ speed controller, 1x WIRELESS+ receiver, 1 WIRELESS+ single charging station, 1x adapter unit, 1x shoulder complement, 1x end section for the outside curb (left and right), 1x lithium polymer battery

  • For more wireless gaming fun with another friend
    On your DIGITAL 124 race track up to four drivers can complete their laps, on the DIGITAL 132 track there is even space for up to six drivers. To drive exciting races with your friends, everyone needs a speed controller. The Wireless Set Single Digital 132/124 is suitable for both DIGITAL 132 and DIGITAL 124 race tracks. Thanks to the modern 2.4 GHz technology you can control your vehicle frequency independently, interference-free and with great precision. Thanks to a range of up to 15 metres, you are always at that section of the track where it is action-packed. Whether you're changing lanes, taking a steep corner or pulling off a cool drift – you're right there. With a playing time of up to 8 hours and a standby time of up to 90 days, the Lithium Polymer battery provides enough capacity for endurance racing. The set includes a WIRELESS+ speed controller, a WIRELESS+ receiver, a WIRELESS+ single charging station, an adapter unit, as well as a shoulder complement and end section for the corner section (left and right), a lithium polymer battery and the operating instructions. Ideal for exciting races with your friends
      Rechargeable battery
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