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Spare Parts

Tires worn? Rotor blade broken? Shock absorber broken? No problem – in the Carrera RC Online Shop there are all spare parts for your Carrera RC model.

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Carrera RC Spare Parts – Quick Help for Your RC Car or Helicopter

It doesn't even have to be an accident: parts such as tires or even the  shock absorbers suffer over time and eventually let up. But despite all caution, a   crash with the auto or a  crash landing of your  Quadrocopters  Leave bruises – and you need a new bumper, a new  , or a new  main rotor. What now? No problem! In the Carrera RC Online Shop findest you will find all spare parts for your Carrera RC model. The assembly is simple, and so it can quickly go back to the streets or into the air.

Carrera RC spare parts – what do you need?

Action-packed rides, wear and tear, dirt and grime –  there are many reasons why you might need spare parts for your remote-controlled car or helicopter spare parts. No matter which spare part your RC vehicle or aircraft needs, in the online shop of Carrera RC you will certainly find what you are looking for! Among them are:

  • •  and  rims: Tires run off, but sometimes it is also worthwhile to put on rubber with a coarse profile because of the ground.
  • •  Bumpers and bodies: make your speedster look really good and easily replace yourself.
  • •  Shock absorbers: prevent damage from the vehicle and improve grip.
  • • motors and steering gear: if the engine gives up its spirit, you can easily replace it with a few simple steps. Under Carrera Service you will find helpful tutorials on how to install and reinstall the engines correctly.
  • • rotor blades and  brackets: broken after a crash of the rotor? Or the bracket? With a spare part, your aircraft will fly again!

How do I find the right Carrera RC spare part?

You can easily find the right spare part. Gib the article number of your RC model in the search bar of the Carrera Online Shop. The article number can be found on the  subpage or in the  operating instructions of your car, helicopter or quadcopter. If your vehicle or helicopter appears there, click on the model. On the detail page you will now see the right replacement. You can also search for the right parts via the spare parts list, and you can easily find them under the spare parts finder in the Carrera service area. The spare parts you can easily attach all the yourself and replace them, so your vehicle is ready for use again in no time. Thus, long fun is guaranteed!