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Paw Patrol: Animal fun on your race track!

The popular four-legged helpers from PAW Patrol ensure safety and order in children's rooms at home. Each small dog in the series has its own means of transport and thus also different tasks, talents and abilities.
Together, the four-legged friends are an unbeatable team that faces any challenge and thus makes the world of humans and other animals a better place.


The cute dogs make your Carrera racetrack safer and whiz around the curves in their emergency vehicles. As in the popular TV series, the little dogs are also in use with courage and joy at Carrera.

Paw Patrol and Carrera GO!!!

Dog action on your car track

Now you too can start with your little dog friends on the GO!!! Racetrack and jets with Chase in his blue police racing car to exciting missions. Whoever gets to the scene first wins! Together you will land safely on the winner's podium. The series Paw Patrol is about Ryder and the PAW Patrol. The PAW Patrol consists of six dogs, called Fur Friends by Ryder, who help the people of Adventure Bay with their problems in each episode. Chase is a German Shepherd. He's athletic and likes to take command, so he's always the first to arrive. His equipment includes a police car and a megaphone. Chase must always be vigilant because he is allergic to cats and feathers.

Paw Patrol and Carrera FIRST

Fun with cute dogs


With the Carrera FIRST racetrack sets, even the youngest children from the age of 3 can embark on exciting adventures with their dog heroes from the PAW Patrol series. Whether people are in need, problems need to be eliminated or simply help in everyday matters - the dogs are always on hand with their equipment. The battery-powered, light blue car racing track is perfect for on the go. The bottlenecks, curves and flip elements provide extra fun.