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    Product description
  • PAW Patrol Chase

  • Carrera FIRST

  • High Speed Action with the PAW Patrol

  • From 3 years

  • Scale 1:50 


    Chase from PAW Patrol: Your faithful companion for action-packed adventures!

    Join Chase, the PAW Patrol police dog, in fast-paced races on your Carrera FIRST racetrack. 

    The German Shepherd will provide action and lots of fun at your home with his cool police car. Take command with Chase, show off your skills and become the hero of the race track yourself! 


    The brave police dog in the fast lane!

    Experience thrilling chases on your Carrera track with Chase!

    Although the police car doesn't look like a typical race car at first glance, it will show what it's capable of on the track.

    The detailed 1:50 scale design takes Chase off the screen and onto the track - with a striking resemblance. So you can replay the missions from the series or come up with new adventures with your friends.

    Grab the hand controller and show your friends that Chase is the fastest way to get to the scene. Together, you can master any challenge and experience exciting races!


    Attention to detail from the screen to the racetrack

    We bring your favorite dog directly into your own four walls. The police car drives around the track at full throttle on a scale of 1:50. The emergency vehicle has been made with great attention to detail, so that it looks confusingly similar to the original.

    With its bold colours, the police car is a real eye-catcher on the track. The high-quality workmanship and the stable material make it possible to survive collisions unscathed. So Chase is well prepared for anything on your track.

    If you want to learn more about your heroes of the PAW Patrol, then take a look around our PAW Patrol theme world!

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      7.2 x 3.5 x 3.6 cm
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