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Lola T70 MKIIIb "No.58"

Model No.20023908

    Product description
    Lola T70 MKIIIb "No.58"
  • DIGITAL 124
  • Front and rear lights as well as brake lights, faithful workmanship
  • 1:24
  • from 10 years
  • A British jewel The
  • Lola T70 MKIIIb "No.58

  • " was driven by the veteran of the sports car scene David Ruff Piper. The racing car was developed in 1965 by the British racing car manufacturer Lola Cars as a two-seater racing sports car for the unlimited Group 7 sports car racing series in England and the USA. Group 7 racing cars are two-seater racing cars for circuit racing. The Lola T70 is one of the most successful racing two-seaters in England. Whether the Lola would today again receive a road approval, which he once had in Switzerland, may be described as questionable. With Carrera, however, they have the opportunity to let the sports car drift around the curves. Great Carrera

    In its distinctive squeaky green design with the number 58, the Lola T70 shoots across your Carrera race track in 1:24 scale. The first variant was the Lola T70 Spyder. In 1966, the Lola T70 Mk II Spyder appeared, which was replaced by the Lola Mk III Spyder in 1967. John Surtees became world champion in 1966 in the CanAm series driving Lola, but the following year only one race could be won against the McLaren M6A Chevrolet. The first closed variant was the type Lola Mk III Coupé, which appeared in 1967. It was replaced by the type Mk IIIB Coupé, which appeared in 1969 and was only built until 1970. Like the original, the slot car was faithfully reproduced and equipped with front, rear and brake lights. The car is digitally controllable, but can also be used analogously and can also be individually coded.

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