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  • Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 ‘Team Sport Garage, No.52’
  • DIGITAL 124
  • Sports car with a racy Italian design
  • Original Ferrari license
  • Front, rear and brake lights
  • 1:24-scale
  • 10 years and up
  • Exquisite Italian engine graces Carrera racing circuits
    The sophisticated yellow Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 is the dream of every loyal Ferrari fan, a favourite on international long-distance racing circuits and now on your Carrera circuit, too. The mighty 550-hp explodes in a display of power and breath-taking noise. R. Brandela, L. Gorini, S. Lemeret and T. Prignaud are the ‘Team Sport Garage’ drivers who rode this beast around the long-distance circuits of Europe. Lightning-fast yellow Ferrari
    This mighty bolt of lightning bearing the no.52 doesn’t just catch the eye on Carrera racetracks. The Ferrari reproduction license guarantees the car looks just like the original. An authentic feel is enhanced on-track by the front, rear, brake and flashing lights. It can race against up to 5 other cars in parallel on the Carrera DIGITAL 124 circuit and guarantees you beat friends and family with style and flair. The car can be individually coded and has digital controls.
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