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    Product description
    Audi R8 LMS "BWT Mücke Motorsport, No.25"
  • front and rear light, original Audi license
  • scale 1:32
  • From
  • 8 years
  • GT power with that certain something In the 2020 season of the well-known GT Championship of Germany's largest automobile
  • club, the Audi R8 LMS of BWT

  • Mücke Motorsport will be driven by Berlin racing driver Mike Beckhusen and Poland's Igor Walilko. The 20-year-old Beckhusen is known to motorsport fans beyond the borders of Germany. In 2019, he contested the GT4 championship and finished fourth in the junior standings. The Audi in its eye-catching pink design brings the necessary power to your Carrera racetrack with over 500 hp. The gaudy speedster races across the track on a true-to-the-original scale of 1:32 and lets your opponents look at the rear spoiler typical of Audi.

    Highlight in the race:
    The rear spoiler presses the Audi R8 LMS firmly onto the road even at over 500 hp and guarantees long and productive handling. Equipped with front and rear lighting, it looks confusingly similar to its original. At Carrera, the EVOLUTION vehicle can also be converted to digital using a separate digital decoder. Prove your skills and step on the gas!

      With lights
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