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    Product description
  • Set position and lap indicators

  • DIGITAL 124, DIGITAL 132

  • LED indicator

  • Counting laps – made easy!

    It's easy to lose track of who's really ahead in fast-paced races. And with all the action, who has the time to remember the number of laps already made? The solution here is the Position Tower for your Carrera race track. So you always have control over your current race position when competing against other cars. This will allow you to fully concentrate on your driving performance. The Tower is not only practical, it also offers certain optical benefits. It adds even more authenticity to your driving experience and works as a cool feature for the track. The LED display shows the number of laps and the position of the leading car. The Position Tower comes with an Adapter Unit and, on a scale of 1:24, fits perfectly with the Carrera DIGITAL 124 and Carrera DIGITAL 132 race track. Only works in conjunction with the Control Unit (30352).
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