Lane Change Curve right, out to in

Type No.20030365

62,99 €

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    Product description
  • Extension of lane change corner for digital race tracks on a scale of 1:24
  • DIGITAL 124, DIGITAL 132
  • Digital lane changing and overtaking
  • Package contents: 1x lane change corner – right, outside to inside (2 track parts)

  • Drive the ideal racing line through the corner
    Upgrade your Carrera race track with this lane change corner. The right corner consists of two track parts on a scale of 1:24 inviting you to overtake. From the outer track you can easily switch to the inner track and overtake your opponent. Then he has no chance of passing you until the next lane change. You can use it to upgrade your digital race tracks on a scale of 1:24. Carrera DIGITAL 124, and Carrera DIGITAL 132 are the suitable race tracks for this extension set. The extension part provides action and certainly causes one or the other crash throughout. If you don't pay attention when changing lanes, you will drive directly into the opponent's lane or will have to follow him. Use this track with care so that you also stay ahead of the pack!
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