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    Product description
  • Adapter Unit for adding digital features in connection with the Pit Lane

  • DIGITAL 124, DIGITAL 132

  • For Driver Display 30353, Startlight 30345, Position Tower 30357 and 2.4 GHz WIRELESS+ charging cradles

  • Package contents: 34.5 cm connecting track section, single lane

  • Connection option for accessories in connection with the Pit Lane

    This single lane Adapter Unit has three connectors for digital accessories. So you can connect the Drive Display (30353), the Startlight (30345) and the Position Tower (30357). These features can also be attached to the two-lane Adapter Unit (20030360). But in combination with the Pit Lane (20030356) you need the single lane Adapter Unit. When connecting, it is important that the Adapter Unit is mounted in the correct direction due to polarity. For this purpose, a lateral arrow is attached, which must point in the direction of travel for the slot cars.
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