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    Product description
  • Ferrari 488 GT3 by "Rinaldi Racing, No. 333"

  • DIGITAL 132

  • Slot car in green

  • Scale 1:32

  • From 8 years

  • Less power than on the road

    With the Ferrari 488 GT3 Rinaldi Racing, "No.333" Ferrari shows that its racing cars not only look great in classic Ferrari red. The striking green colour ensures that the new Ferrari racing car is always the centre of attention. All this means that the new model can inspire both with its ability and its appearance. It may seem strange that a production model optimised for the race track produces less power than the normal street version. However, this is due to the regulations governing the GT3 class. Based on the Ferrari 488 GTB, it is the successor to the 458 Italia GT3, but unlike the 458 Italia GT3, the new 488 GT3 has a V8 turbo engine instead of a V8 naturally aspirated engine. For motor sport specialist Rinaldi Racing, this winner took to the start line and celebrated its greatest success: victory at the Liqui Moly Bathurst 12 Hour event

    A convincing performance, and not just in red

    This slot car in green, brought to you by the Rinaldi Racing garage, proves that a Ferrari always cuts a good figure, and not only in red. Equipped with headlights, rear and brake lights and with the capacity for individual coding on your Carrera DIGITAL 132 race track on a scale of 1:32, you can always be sure of a place on the winner's podium. Thanks to the official license and super optics, the 488 GT3 ensues you are in a strong position from the very start.
      With lights
      14.7 x 6.4 x 3.7 cm
    Usable for
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