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    Product description
  • Plymouth Superbird "No.2"
  • DIGITAL 132
  • Muscle Car, original Chrysler license
  • Scale 1:32
  • from 8 years
  • Huge rear wing and aerodynamic front

    The Plymouth Superbird was developed in the 70s with its aerodynamic
    , extended rear wing and streamlined front end for the US stock car racing series. After an impressive test drive, driver Norm Nelson absolutely had to have a Superbird to compete in the USAC Championship - the improvement over the regular Road Runner was too glaring. Fortunately, Richard "The King" Petty's racing team changed car types, the car changed hands and Nelson contested the remainder of the 1971 season in a "royal used car".

    A real eye-catcher for the Carrera track The
    Plymouth Superbird "No.2" is now also on the starting line at the starting line on a scale of 1:32 in its popular Petty blue with white highlights. With start number 2, he is just waiting to climb the winner's podium. With Carrera, the vehicle can be individually coded, digitally controlled and can also be used in analogue form. Can the muscle car prevail against the other speedsters and win the race?
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