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    Product description
    • Exclusive special model
    • Mazda RX-7 FC3
    • DIGITAL 132
    • Front and rear light as well as brake light, original Mazda license
    • Scale 1:32
    • From 8 years

    • Rarity for the Japanese market Only 500 of these special models are available from us! These models are real rarities on your track at home! The models are not reproduced and are quickly sold out. Best to strike right away!
      Collector's item sought after worldwide This sports car was produced from 1978 to 2002. The special features of the RX-7 are its Wankel engine and the folding headlights. In the autumn of 1985, the completely revised RX-7 with the Japanese designation FC3 was presented and was available at dealerships a short time later. It was available in Japan in the equipment variants GT, GT-R, GT-Limited and GT-X. In the almost 25 years of the entire series, 811,000 vehicles were produced.
      Get the special model home! Whether on the DIGITAL 132 racetrack or as a collector's item in the showcase: This model is a real feast for the eyes. Be quick and complete your collection and complete your racing team.
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      With lights
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      Change lane / overtake
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      Individual program
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