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    Product description
  • Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo 'Mercedes-AMG Team Winward M. Götz, No.1'

  • DIGITAL 132

  • Front, rear & brake lights

  • Original Mercedes licence

  • 1:32-scale

  • Age 8 years & up

  • New car for last year's champion

    The Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo is a modern classic of touring car racing. The Carrera DIGITAL 132 Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo 'Mercedes-AMG Team Winward M. Götz' is the latest car to be driven by the 2021 DTM champ Maximillian Götz. The champion started the new 2022 DTM season with a new car, a new team, and with a pink, white and blue paintjob, but was not able to hit the heights of the previous season.

    A winner through and through

    The Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo is a real eye-catcher on home circuits. The 1:32-scale replica details have been adapted to imitate the new full-scale original on the front, grille and tail-end, and make this model even more realistic than ever before. The headlights are far more than just decorative - indeed, the front lights, rear and brake lights are all fully functional and illuminate the way around bedroom tracks. This faithfully-detailed replica also allows braking and acceleration to be adapted to individual needs, it can be controlled digitally and guarantees maximum racing fun for everyone.

      With lights
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