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    Product description
  • Racetruck Conventional ‘Carrera Race Taxi’

  • DIGITAL 132

  • Front light

  • 1:32-scale

  • Age 8 years & up

  • High-pressure racetrack action

    The Carrera Racetruck Conventional ‘Carrera Race Taxi’ shows how much power a truck packs every second it’s in action. The battle of the giants takes place on home circuits everywhere, and this red-and-white beast is guaranteed to be a great choice. The rounded truck cab and large rear spoiler are aesthetic promises of the performance this truck delivers. Indeed, this truck is a uniquely mighty ride.

    Pedal-to-the-metal with friends and family

    On the racing circuit the Race Truck Conventional ‘Carrera Race Taxi’ is sure-fire way of finding out who can deal with the amazing power of such a truck. This great-looking truck stuns spectators with immense speed and detailed realism out on the Carrera digital racetrack. Race Truck Conventional is a perfect 1:32-scale model with real working front lights. It can be individually coded, digitally controlled and adapted to the personal skills of each driver.

      With lights
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