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    Product description
  • Single lane circle with decorative element

  • DIGITAL 143, GO!!! Plus, GO!!!

  • Package contents: 8 x track parts, 1 x decorative element, 12 x track connectors, 4 x double track connectors

  • Decorative track element for your race track

    Refined chicane and decorative eye-catcher in one: The one-track circle with proper decoration complements your Carrera race track in a skilful way. The decorative element in the middle sets the perfect scene for the single track circle. You can see a car wreck at the bottom of a dried out lake. Of course, you can also lay out the decorative element according to your ideas. How about, for example, buildings or a few homemade trees? The one-lane circle on a scale of 1:43 is a great extension option for the Carrera GO!!!, GO!!!! Plus and DIGITAL 143 tracks. Who can get around the circle faster and win the race in the end? The package contains eight track parts, one decorative element as well as four double track connectors and 12 single track connectors.
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