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    Product description
  • Adventurous Carrera GO!!! Race track "Disney* Pixar Cars Let's Race!" with two slot cars

  • Carrera GO!!!

  • Race track with a high-speed straight section, looping, fly-over, steep corner, junction and narrow section

  • 6.2 metres

  • From 6 years

  • Battle of the generations

    It's a hot race between Jackson Storm and Lightning McQueen: When the two racing cars compete against each other on the track, there is much more at stake than victory or a trophy. The two racing cars represent the old and new generation in motor sport. They don't really like each other either, which makes every duel even more exciting.

    A circuit with many challenges

    This 6.2-metre-long race track on a scale of 1:43 awaits you and your friends with many challenges. After the start, drive directly into the steep corner and then accelerate with enough power for the looping section. Once you have passed the intersection, there is a narrow section already waiting for you. The fly-over ensures high-altitude flying fun. The two slot cars from the Disney* Pixar Cars film series on a scale of 1:43 don't give anything away here. Do you choose to drive Lightning McQueen or Jackson Storm? Make up your mind and get your car across the finish line first. In addition to the Carrera GO!!! race track and the two slot cars, the set also contains a transformer, two speed controllers and the accessories as well as the decorative elements for the race track.
      Up to 2 players
      Track length 6.2 m
      Fly Over
      183 x 113 cm
    Content list
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