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    Product description
    A pure long-­?distance race sensation covering 8.6 metres!

    In the new Carrera GO!!! Set Victory Lane, the two super sports cars, Lamborghini Huracán GT3 "no.98" and Mercedes-­?AMG GT3 "MANN-­?FILTER Team HTP, no.47" are all set for a dynamic long-­distance duel. With its incredible racetrack length of 8.6 metres / 28.22 ft., high-­?speed straight sections and steep curves, this set offers plenty of space for "neck-­?to-­?neck" duels. Be careful though:
    crafty tricks and crossroads will ensure plenty of potential for crashes!
      Up to 2 players
      Track length 8.6 m
      250 x 145 cm
    Content list
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