Orange Breaker 2

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    Product description
  • RC-Auto Orange Breaker 2 with Full Function Control
  • Off road
  • Extra thick tyres
  • Scale: 1:18
  • From 6 years

  • Off road Cruiser for bumpy terrain
    Anyone who wants to explore country and forest roads far away from the safety of tarmac will definitely need an SUV or off road vehicle. The large and wide tyres usually have an extra deep tread pattern which gives more grip even when on loose surfaces. Massive suspension range and high ground clearance ensure that potholes and small slopes or inclines can be mastered without any issues.

    The modern colour combination also makes it a real eye-catcher
    The high-riding off road cruiser in a classic colour combination of orange/silver/black never fails to make a tremendous impression upon first glance. Not only does it score points with its good looks that magically attract fans of indestructible car chasses. The Orange Breaker also has a technical edge. Once on the start line, there is almost no stopping it. Thanks to its thick tyres and differential gears, this full-suspension vehicle has optimum traction even at top speeds of just over 7 mph, for up to 20 minutes at a time. With the USB charging unit that comes included, you can enjoy the thrill of the drive again in just 90 minutes. Thanks to the 2.4 GHz technology, it is possible to drive up to 16 cars simultaneously. The controller enables full driving and steering function for rapid manoeuvres. The Carrera RC Orange Breaker ensures endless power.
      Ready to run
      Uses 2.4 GHz technology
      Full Function
      Automatic off
      Up to 12 km/h
      Driving time: 20 min
      Charging time: 90 min
      Length: 27 cm
      Rechargeable battery
      27 x 18.3 x 12.3 cm
has CEce
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