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    Product description
  • RC CAT 770 Mining Truck

  • CAT license

  • Dumper with a large dump box

  • Approx. 26.5cm long

  • 8 years and up

  • Fully loaded around the building site

    The RC CAT 700 Mining Truck delivers a full load of building site fun to junior site managers aged 8 years and up. Like its full-size role model, the dump box of this fully functional scale-model replica can be completely raised and lowered. CAT 770 drive times are up to 45 minutes, so it's well equipped for long shifts on the playground, whether in sand or on gravel. The mining truck navigates building sites and bedroom floors at speeds of up to 5.5km/h.

    For building site fans

    This exact scale-model replica is built with an original CAT reproduction license and thrills fans of all ages on every miniature building site.
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      Uses 2.4 GHz technology
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      Up to 6 players
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      Full Function
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      26.5 x 14.5 x 10.5 cm
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