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    Product description
  • Stunt car with 360° movement radius

  • Action

  • Remote-controlled vehicle with stunt movements

  • Scale: 1:43

  • From 6 years

  • A real acrobat: The Mini Turnator

    For the Mini Turnator there is not only back and forth: it can also turn skilfully around its own axis and move like a small acrobat over the terrain. It can move in all directions within a 360° radius and perform the most spectacular stunts. With its green design, the Carrera RC Turnator also looks super cool

    Small, but with a kick

    The Mini Turnator is almost as good as its big brother, the Turnator. With a top speed of just over 9 mph, this RC vehicle is fast and can be driven for up to 20 minutes. The battery is then charged for about 40 minutes. The slot car on a scale of 1:43 is also equipped with Full Function Differential Control, so you can choose exactly where you want to go. When your RC car arrives at your home, the controller is already equipped with batteries so you can start driving right away. Thanks to the modern 2.4 GHz control, even 16 vehicles can drive across the terrain at once. Action and driving fun are guaranteed with this little speedster!
      Ready to run
      Uses 2.4 GHz technology
      Full Function
      Up to 15 km/h
      Driving time: 20 min
      Charging time: 40 min
      Rechargeable battery
      11 x 4.7 x 11.7 cm
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