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    Product description
  • Replacement battery Li-Io 7.4 V 700 mAH

  • Battery for Quadcopter CRC X1 (503001), RC Video ONE (503003)

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Package contents: 1 piece

  • Explore new heights with the new battery

    If you notice that your Quadcopter is not performing as well as it did at the beginning, it might be time for a new battery. This lithium polymer battery operates at 3.7 V. You should know and observe this voltage when choosing the right charger. The unit milliampere hours (mAH) indicates the amount of charge that can flow through the device in one hour. That’s 380 mA with this rechargeable battery. When disposing of your old Li-Polymer batteries, pay attention to the yellow boxes that have been specially set up for this purpose. You can find them in electrical or DIY stores. Please do not dispose of your old battery in household waste. The disposal points provided by local waste disposal companies offer professional disposal. Your drone CRC X1 (503001) and your Quadcopter RC Video One (503003) will be happy about the new battery.
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