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    Product description
    - Carrera RC Micro-Quadrocopter
    - Carrera RC Quadrocopter
    - Mini format for maximum flying fun
    - Length approx. 7 cm
    - Age 8 and up

    Take off with the Micro-Quadrocopter

    Carrera RC Micro-Quadrocopter guarantees lots of airborne fun. The mini-copter with a side length of 7x7 cm can complete tight indoor twists and turns with ease. Pilots aged 8 and up can now explore their bedrooms and lounges from above!

    Airborne fun for beginners and pros

    Even as a first-time flyer, numerous technical features enable you to master your first flying lessons with ease. Beginners/Advanced mode can be used to regulate speed, and the auto-start and auto-land functions make take-off and landing childsplay. The automatic altitude assistant and flashing LED positional lights make flying fun even easier. The Carrera RC Micro-Quadrocopter can perform a 3D loop at the press of a button. The built-in 3.7 - 140 mAh LiPo battery ensures up to 5 minutes of airborne entertainment before it's recharged for 30 minutes with the USB charger cable.
      Ready to run
      Uses 2.4 GHz technology
      Controller technology
      Rotor diameter
      Rotor protection
      Beginner / Advanced mode
      3D looping
      Automatic flight altitude
      Driving time: 5 min
      Charging time: 30 min
      Length: 7.5 cm
      Rechargeable battery
      Drone class
      7.5 x 7.5 x 2.5 cm
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