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A whole new level!

Cross from one side to another or drive over a valley. Bridges are a way to connect worlds and travel higher up. Together with the steady red crossbars, pillars can hold the track as high as you can built. Now even trucks, construction cars or a giraffe can drive under your racetrack. Let your bridge come to life with plants, trees, birds, and ducks. The ducks are ready for you to test your building skills and enjoy the drive over and under your track. 

Build a dream race car

Choose your favourite colour and recreate with your own unique design a fast racecar for your racetrack.

Customize the action

Accessorize with building blocks on the sides of the car for side wings to create extra downforce like a real supercar.

Race like a superstar

Lass dein selbst gebautes Auto die ersten Runden drehen und fahre spannende Rennen mit deinen Freunden. Wer ist der nächste Champion?

Pinguins brought to life

A pinguin, a turtle or a crocodile? You choose. Only with a few building blocks you can let an animal take control of the steering wheel.

It’s going to be wild

Not one but two beasts on a mission. It doesn’t matter where they are on the track, they have everything in view and can see the track from all sides.

Escape from the Zoo

Set the animals free and let them experience the world of racing. Drive them through a hot duel with other animals.

No bridge too far

Step in the shoes of a construction worker and recreate a steady bridge by using the red crossbars under the track and adding pillars as high as you like.

High up in the sky

Besides driving under a bridge or a tunnel, you can now drive over your very high built bridge.  Two crossbars on top of your pillars will hold the track in place. Endless build and race fun!

Migrating wildlife

The Golden Gate Bridge, the Tower Bridge, or a Wildlife crossing bridge? Get inspired by the world’s most famous bridges and create your own with authentic details. Decrease collisions between cars and animals with a wildlife overpass.

There are no limits to imagination!

Turn your racetrack into your favourite world. Dream big and build whatever you can imagine. Attach a tunnel to the track for a real-life road trip experience, create your own bridge with obstacles or build a world full of snow. Change layouts to your liking. Take the controller and let the car edge over the finish line as fast as you can.

Create your own worlds around and on your Carrera GO!!! Racetrack!

A lion roaring, a fox howling, a giraffe humming or a parrot chatting, visit the Zoo with your self-made animal world racetrack. The Build ‘n Race set provides endless stories to racing at home. Add the building blocks you have at home to the track, and show off your beautiful, created world in the living room. Are you ready for some wild and crazy racing fun

#Mybnrcreation - Post your creations and find inspiration

We, from Carrera Toys, are always curious with what our customers come up with and we would love to see and share your built creations with Build ‘n Race. With Carrera GO!!! Build ‘n Race you are the designer and there are no limits to your imagination. Use the hashtag #mybnrcreation and you might see your own racetrack back on our Social Media pages.