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Choose 2 of the following vehicles!
    Product description

    - Digital racetrack in scale 1:32 for real motorsport fans

    - 2 vehicles individually selectable

    - Faithful vehicles in scale 1:32 with front and rear/brake lights (depending on the model)

    lane changes and overtaking with up to 6 vehicles at the same time

    area with extra wide rails for optimal drift in the curves

    - Individual settings of speed and braking effect for each individual vehicle

    - Includes wireless hand controls for freedom of movement on the racetrack

    - Including Carrera AppConnect to use the Carrera Race App


    • Experience a real racing feeling: The brand new Mix 'n Race Edition One is now available in the online shop in 1:32 scale and inspires with two freely selectable cars, a gigantic track layout with a total length of 13.71 meters and lots of accessories.
      Choose your two favorites from a list of many cars and configure your own personal set. In addition, you can experience wireless racetrack fun with the included wireless hand controls and, thanks to the Carrera Race app, you can keep track of lap times, pit stops and the leading vehicle.
      Wireless controller
      Up to 6 players
      Track length 13.7 m
      Change lane / overtake
      Individual program
      Rechargeable battery
      420 x 280 cm
    Content list
has CEce
Freely selectable cars

With the Mix 'n Race Edition One you have the option of choosing your two favorite vehicles from a list of different cars.

Would you like an Italian super sports car, a vintage car or a classic 911? The choice is yours!


Huge track layout

The gigantic track layout with an incredible total length of 13.71 meters and the extra wide rails ensure great racing experiences and really cool drifts.

Gigantic scope of delivery

The many rails, including accessories, allow you a lot of variety in assembly. Your two self-selected cars, the Appstore Connect receiver and the wireless handheld controllers make the Mix 'n Race Edition One a set with a really great scope of delivery.

Wireless racing fun

The two included wireless handheld controllers including receivers ensure wireless racing fun!

Thanks to the 2.4 GHz technology, you are always where it is exciting - without annoying controller cables.


Digital racing pleasure

With the included Carrera AppConnect receiver, you can easily connect your racetrack system to your smartphone or tablet and experience your Carrera track digitally.

MIt of the Carrera Race app, you can easily display the fuel gauge of your cars, measure times or start a complete racing series directly digitally on your smartphone or tablet.



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