2,4GHz Turnator - Glow in the Dark

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    Product description
  • Remote controlled RC vehicle with 360° range of motion
  • action
  • Flipover Stunt Car
  • Scale: 1:16
  • From 6 years

  • An impressive acrobat: The gymnast
    This daring movement artist provides his audience with admiring glances. Thanks to its 360° flip-action function, it not only moves forward and backward, but also rolls over and rotates rapidly in a circle. Visually, the acrobat impresses with its red-yellow design. This makes the new Turnator - Glow in the Dark a real eye-catcher and a must for all stunt and action enthusiasts. Special: as the name suggests, the new turnator lights up at night and thus creates great shapes and images in the dark. This effect creates an unforgettable driving experience!

    Out of this world!
    This is how the Carrera RC Turnator - Glow in the Dark appears with its extraordinary construction, which allows spectacular stunts and absolutely incomparable driving pleasure! This remote-controlled car inspires from the very beginning! Its huge, oppositely mobile wheels and a full speed of up to 20 km/h enable spectacular manoeuvres. With the 360° flip-action function, it lies on the cross at breakneck speed - and at the same time is ready for the next madness. Or you can let the RC car spin in circles at breakneck speed until everyone gets dizzy. These stunts work even better in the dark and leave you amazed. The differential transmission and the high-performance control with 2.4 GHz technology for the parallel operation of up to 16 vehicles guarantee driving pleasure far beyond conventional dimensions! The Li-ion battery with 7.4 V - 900 mAH provides up to 20 minutes of power with only about 80 minutes of charging time. Ready to Run you get everything you need for the driving pleasure of your life. Who wants to be the center of attention? The Carrera RC Turnator - Glow in the Dark is ready!

      Ready to run
      Uses 2.4 GHz technology
      Automatic off
      Up to 20 km/h
      Driving time: 20 min
      Charging time: 80 min
      Rechargeable battery
      Turnator / Action
      25.5 x 25.5 x 10 cm
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