USB-Ladekabel für Quadrocopter CRC X1 (503001), RC Video ONE (503003), Power Force black (503099)

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    Product description
  • USB charging cable
  • For Quadcopter CRC X1 (370503001), RC Video ONE (370503003), Power Force black (503099)
  • Package contents: 1 piece

  • New energy for your remote controlled flying machine
    If your drone is completely exhausted after a trip, you have to give it a breather. This charger is the perfect accessory to ensure that the battery is fully charged again in no time. The device has a USB port. It works with the Quadcopters CRC X1 (370503001), RC Video One (370503003) and Power Force (370503099). Once supplied with new power, you can set off on new adventures.
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