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Special Edition: Carrera DIGITAL 132 Starter Set

Get started in the professional class of slot car racing - with the ideal DIGITAL 132 set to get started!

Welcome to the professional league of Carrera racing! 


If you are looking for an ideal introduction to our most popular track, we have just the right product for you. May we introduce? The Carrera DIGITAL 132 Starter Set. You get 5.7 meters of track length, two legendary Ford slot cars and an unbeatable price-performance ratio in this set. And that's not all: the integrated lane changes at the touch of a button provide plenty of action on the track and enable last-minute overtaking manoeuvres to snatch the race victory from under your friends' noses! 


The Carrera DIGITAL 132 Starter Set offers racing fun for all ages. It doesn't matter if the GO!! track, or would like to enter the Carrera world directly with a DIGITAL track - the starter set brings the full racing action into your own four walls!

Motorsport icon Ford:
Legendary cars for your track!
Ford Mustang GTY "No.5"

The Ford Mustang is an American icon from Michigan that stands for power in abundance and an unparalleled driving experience like almost no other car. With plenty of horsepower under the bonnet and the unmistakable silhouette, the sports car makes dreams come true on the track.


So what could be better than bringing this motorsport legend to your Carrera track? The Ford Mustang GTY "No.5" specially modified by us comes in a special Carrera design:

The dark blue paint and the distinctive white stripes give the Mustang a motorsport look in the classic Ford colors!


With front, rear and brake lights, the Ford Mustang shoots at high speed over your DIGITAL 132 track thanks to its powerful engine. You'll be able to drive around your new track at high speeds, including drifting action through the corners! 

Ford Mustang GTY "No.76"

Michigan, Mustang, Motorsports! 


That's all it takes to make the heart of every car and racing fan beat faster. In the NASCAR racing series, the American classic will be on the grid again this year - from Michigan International Speedway to the highlight of the racing calendar in Daytona Beach. 


With our Ford Mustang GTY "No.76" we bring the traditional brand, with a homage to American motorsport, on your DIGITAL 132 track. The Mustang also stands for full throttle on your Carrera track - like the original with its V8 engine. The wide body, large wheels and front, rear and brake lights ensure a true-to-the-original driving experience.


The white and blue paintwork makes for an absolute eye-catcher on the track, including the American flag in the start number on the bonnet and doors. A real motorsport legend in traditional livery for your Carrera track!



The track: high-speed & dirft action

When you think of Ford and motorsport, what comes to mind? V8 engines, horsepower, full throttle, or racing with a lot of action and thrills? That's exactly what we've packed into a DIGITAL 132 set for you!


With the Starter Set, we lay the foundation for your entry into the world of Carrera DIGITAL 132 Racing. The 5.7 meter long track is your stage to really go full throttle with the Ford cars. High-speed straights, lane changes, overtaking at the touch of a button and double turnouts provide everything you need for a thrilling race. Optionally, there is also the option of integrating a ghost and safety car. Speed and braking behavior can also be adjusted - so you can push the limits further and further and become a Carrera DIGITAL professional! 


Of course, the Starter Set is just the beginning. Once you have caught the racing fever, the track can be expanded and upgraded with all DIGITAL 132 rails and accessories. Unleash your creativity by designing your own tracks! Or do you want to recreate your favorite race track true to the original? Then let yourself be inspired by our route suggestions and simply download the route planner of your choice.


Now there's only one thing left to do: invite your friends, start the engines and deliver action-packed races. Let rivalries arise and clarify on the hand controller who is the only true champion.