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    Product description
  • Porsche Carrera 6 "TV" in a comical character design

  • DIGITAL 124

  • With headlights, rear and brake lights

  • Scale 1:24

  • From 10 years

  • Convinces reporters in a flash

    In 1967, Porsche made the Carrera 6 factory car available to a German television station in order to provide live racing coverage with a keen sense of style and a way befitting its status. This experiment made headlines. Marked with the T.V. reference and the figures of the cheeky “Mainzelmännchen” cartoon characters, the Porsche was already a real highlight at first sight. Under the bonnet, its 260 bhp were able to deliver a convincing performance. Anyone who wants to admire the original car from back then in a restored condition can view it in full splendour in the Porsche factory museum.

    A real eye-catcher, even in a small format!

    On a scale of 1:24, the slot car is no less interesting than its bigger role model. The Porsche Carrera 6 "TV", 1967, presents itself with absolute attention to detail and a true-to-original design. With its front and rear lighting, it becomes an eye-catcher on the race track.
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      With lights
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      Fallback Image
      17.25 x 7 x 4.21 cm
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